LM& CO the address for:

  • Export of personal- and small company cars
  • Ttransport and distribution of new and used people-or small company cars in Europe
  • Service and maintenance of all brands and type of passenger cars, truck or a combination.
  • Buying and selling of used cars and small ccompany cars.

The international nature of LM & CO has ensured that you can turn to us with your questions, comments and orders 24/24 h, 7/7 days a week
Our internal service can always assist you by phone, by mail or in a personal meeting during office hours in our company and this in a diversity of languages including: English, Dutch, German, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Bulgarian.

LM & CO offer you a unique service to about the export of cars and small company cars. As one of the few companies, might be the only company, we take care of the export of your car from A to Z. Of course you can also contact us if you want to have arranged determines part of the export, whatever your preference. We recommend everyone always free information before purchasing a vehicle. In the export it is extremely important that procedures be followed. You need to have in your possession the right buying documents and the right selling documents. In the export of passenger cars this is quite a lot.

LM & CO is concentrated on the speciality of International car transport by the road. Whether it’s the distribution of new people-or small company cars, or to the transport of your own car in Europe!
For each car transport LM & CO is the right choice.
The LM & CO team is known for their expertise, flexibility and technical insight.
That makes that there is carefully dealt with the charge that has been entrusted to us and the client, large or small, can count on a correct and punctual delivery.
The motto of LM & CO is “a deal is a deal”! For our clients this is a reassurance and for LM & CO the most natural thing in the world.
The LM & CO maintenance team is not only 24/24 h an 7/7 days a week available for our own car park but also for you! In our workshop you can visit heavy trucks and combinations, small company cars as well as passenger cars.
The maintenance team consists of skilled mechanics which is extremely motivated to each service and maintenance as well as repairs at the lowest possible price. We therefore feel free to dare a “lowest price guarantee “. And it doesn’t matter if it is a scheduled appointment or an emergency along the way.

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